Telco Systems’ Access211 ATA with QoS Chosen for SIP VoIP

January 25, 2005


The Access211 ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) delivers broadband Internet telephony and faxing over standard analog gear, and includes a built-in router, lifeline POTS support, and prioritization of voice over data for QoS.

Telco Systems announced the selection of its Access211 VoIP ATA as the basis of a SIP-based VoIP calling service by GlobalTouch Telecom, Inc, which has initiated a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract for the Access211 with Telco Systems.

Called SIPTalk, the service allows subscribers to use standard analog phones and fax machines for broadband telephony and Internet T.38 faxing, while prioritizing voice over data to deliver higher voice quality through traffic shaping, a technology the company asserts is not available on any other consumer VoIP ATA.

It also incorporates lifeline POTS support, which retains analog phone line access to E911 services in the event of power or Internet outages. Other features of the Access211 include the integrated router for simplicity and reduced desktop clutter, custom calling features such as distinctive ringing, and two telephone ports that concurrently support compression for two different phone numbers.

GlobalTouch’s SIPTalk product line starts with a new $9.95 per month residential plan with 200 minutes of calling anywhere in the US and Canada. Residential and small business plans start at $14.95 per month, rising to unlimited US and Canada use for $19.95 per month. All SIPTalk plans include low international rates.

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