VoiceGlo Offers One-Click Dialing of any Phone Number on a Website

January 12, 2005


voicegloThe new “Click-to-Call” feature of VoiceGlo’s GloPhone VoIP browser-based phone service allows users to place a call to any published US or Canadian phone number listed on any website with a single mouseclick.

VoiceGlo, a subsidiary of The Globe.com (OTCBB:TGLO), announced an enhancement of itsGloPhone and GloConnect Web and PC-based telephony applications that converts a telephone number on a Web page into an active link that can be dialed directly from the user’s PC with a single mouseclick.

This enhancement is a continuation of VoiceGlo’s endeavor to provide instant global communications from a PC using voice and text. Like its underlying services, Click-to-Talk works over either a broadband or a dial-up Internet connection.

The company said that soon Click-To-Call to international destinations will be added. However, users can still manually call international numbers using their GloPhone dialpad and then save the number into their directory.

All calls between GloPhone and GloConnect users are free worldwide, and calls to any PSTN phone number worldwide can be made for less than half the cost of traditional long distance or international calls.

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