Global IP Sound Releases NetEQ Version 3.0

January 10, 2005


The new release of this embedded software dramatically cuts complexity while further enhancing sound quality, and can be optimized for any platform.

Global IP Sound‘s NetEQ 3.0 is a jitter buffer and packet loss concealment module for developers of VoIP chips, gateways, phones and applications, that enhances voice quality even in the face of a poor poor network infrastructure.

The new Version 3.0 reduces the complexity of the module by 25 to 50 percent, depending on the development platform and codecs that are used.

Designed for use anywhere in the network architecture that voice processing occurs, NetEQ reduces jitter buffer delay by 30 to more than 100 ms over the most effective alternative solutions, according to the company.

It encapsulates the extensive knowledge garnered from a broad range of customer integrations, and is optimizable for any platform. The new version, available in either a narrowband or wideband system implementation, ensures that all developers will be able to rapidly integrate it.

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