DialPad Escaltes VoIP Price War with $11.99 per month Service

January 6, 2005


dialpadService comes with dpPhone device that includes router and combines PSTN and IP services.

DialPad Communications continues its aggressive VoIP service drive with the introduction of its new DialPadUSA unlimited calling service for US $11.99 per month. The service comes with the dpPhone, a broadband adapter which combines VoIP with traditional PSTN service in one phone.

DialPad found an opportunity with the steady rise of broadband users with DSL service — which forces users to keep at least one PSTN line. So DialPad’s dpPhone relies on that line for E911 service, and for the ability to make calls during a power outage, while using the dual line capability to direct all other calls over the unlimited VoIP service.

The service and its device require no onsite technical support for installation and set-up, and customers can still receive calls through every telephone jack in the home. It can also be used remotely through Dialpad’s softphone, which is accessible for free from any PC in the US, and can be used on virtually any Internet connection — including dial-up.

By combining PSTN and VoIP services, rather than wholly replacing the PSTN service, DialPad attempts to solve the three most vexing problems of VoIP: E911, dialing during poer outages, and receiving inbound calls at every phone jack in the house.

As a bonus, the dpPhone includes a router, to avoid the need to buy that device as well when setting up a home IP network.

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