SIPquest Contributes to MapInfo E911 VoIP, VoWiFi Solution

December 22, 2004


SIPquest is a partner with MapInfo in the VoIP E911 solution, extensible to VoWiFi, just submitted for review by NENA.

SIPquest, Inc is a co-developer, along with Geocomm and others, of a next generation IP-based E911 solution by MapInfo which has just passed initial review by NENA, the National Emergency Number Association.

The IP-based solution will allow newer technologies, such as wireless and instant messaging, to function effectively and enhance emergency response services.

An important component of this is SIPquest’s breakthrough VoWiFi Fast Handover handset-based software technology to accomplish VoWiFi roaming handoffs in multivendor WiFi Access Point environments with less than 10 milliseconds handover latency.

This is important because current handover latency without the SIPquest solution is in the range of 400 to 600 milliseconds, which is not acceptable for voice service. A 10 millisecond handover time opens the door to widespread VoWiFi roaming acceptance, as well as to the migration of applications such as unified messaging and presence directly to WiFi handsets.

SIPquest’s Fast Handover software comprises latency-reducing algorithms that work independently of the manufacturer of APs used. SIPquest is currently working on WiFi to Cellular roaming, the next logical step.

SIPquest’s participation in the MapInfo solution ensures that future E911 development will incorporate the advances enabled by SIPquest’s technology.SOPQuest

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