Czech Company Introduces 2-way SIP-to-GSM Fixed Cellular Gateway

December 15, 2004


The new device, VoiceBlue, offers inexpensive two-way exchange of SIP-based VoIP with GSM, least cost routing, and linked SMS messaging.

2N Telekomunikace a.s., a 13-year old Czech business known for its Ateus products, has introduced VoiceBlue, a VoIP-GSM gateway that complements a SIP-based IP-PBX.

With built-in least cost routing, VoiceBlue chooses the cheapest route to any GSM network used, and retains full control over all outgoing GSM calls. It also combines voice prompts with caller ID to route incoming GSM calls to the right IP phone.

VoiceBlue’s features include:

* Gateway for up to 4 GSM channels

* Standard SIP client

* Least Cost Routing according to free minutes

* Intelligent incoming call routing with callback

* Enhanced Full Rate codec

* Worldwide use (GSM 900/1800 MHz)

* DISA with voice navigation

* Auto-attendant

* AT command-based administration

* Compact flash CDR buffer for up to 500,000 records

* LOG and statistics saving

* RJ-45 Ethernet connection * Integrated antenna splitter

VoiceBlue also allows connection to a corporate SMS server, to provide an additional communication channel to users over IP.

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