Sylantro and Leapstone Announce Service Delivery Partnership

December 14, 2004


sylantroThe combination of Sylantro hosted IP solutions and Leapstone content management systems will offer carriers new service delivery options.

Sylantro Systems Corp and Leapstone Systems today announced a partnership to deliver fully integrated business and consumer VoIP offerings for telecommunications service providers worldwide.

Sylantro Systems delivers hosted IP-PBX and IP Centrex applications, voice VPNs and consumer broadband applications via its carrier-grade feature server, which has telco-grade scalability, reliability, operability and regulatory compliance required for massively scalable carrier deployments up to millions of users.

Leapstone Systems delivers intelligent service delivery and content management solutions to network operators through its Communications Convergence Engine product suite, which enables operators to accelerate revenues via rapid service introduction and reduce costs via simplified integration and better management of network resources.

The companies already have deployments together in a large-scale U.S. RBOC network, and are currently in trials with other incumbent service providers. Their interoperability and partnership is expected to allow carriers to provide their own differentiated applications to end customers.

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