Cybertel Communications Set to Launch VoIP Cphone Through Military PXs

December 10, 2004


The Cybertel Cphone VoIP phone will be distributed though the worldwide network of military exchange stores, lowering troop costs calling home by 90%.

Cybertel Communications Corporation announced the launch of its own branded Cphone through military exchanges, initially to the approximately 140,000 troops serving in the middle east, through the worldwide network of military exchange stores.

The Cphone, which attaches to a USB port on a computer, will be free to the troops when they purchase 500 minutes at 10 cents per minute. This compares to their current average cost of calling home from Iraq of about 50 cents per minute. Subsequent minutes can be purchased at 4.9 cents per minute. The Cphone will eliminate the need for phone banks and make it very easy both physically and economically for the troops to call back home.

Cybertel Communications is a subsidiary of Cybertel Capital Corporation (OTCBB:CYBT), which acquires interests in privately held companies and also acts as an incubator for profitable companies that would like to go public in the near future

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