Covad Completes Nationwide Rollout of Business-Class VoIP

December 10, 2004


CovadCovad’s business-class VoIP service is now available in over 900 US cities, with its Dashboard management system accessible from anywhere over the Internet.

Covad Communications Group (OTCBB:COVD) announced the completion of nationwide rollout of its business-class Covad VoIP, now available in 125 major metropolitan markets including over 900 cities.

Positioned as an alternative to traditional local phone company service for businesses, Covad VoIP uses Covad’s nationwide DSL network to deliver a business-class managed voice service.

Covad VoIP comes in two flavors: Covad vPBX and Covad PBXi. Covad PBXi is designed to work seamlessly with existing PBX equipment. Covad vPBX is designed as a full PBX alternative. Covad and Covad’s dealer network install the service, train users and provide customer support.

All services include: local and long distance with nationwide coverage; Voice Optimized Access (prioritization of voice traffic over the network); automated provisioning; comprehensive SLAs (service level agreements); call logging; Find Me, Follow Me functionality that lets users receive calls on multiple devices from one VoIP phone number; unified visual voice and fax mail; voice and Web conferencing; auto attendant; and Covad Dashboard.

Covad Dashboard brings all of the above features together into one common user interface, allowing them all to be managed from one place using one phone number — but that place can be anywhere on the Internet.

Covad is headquartered in San Jose, and its broadband services are currently available in 44 states and 235 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), where they are accessible by more than 50 percent of all US homes and businesses.

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