Global IP Sound and Telchemy Collaborate To Promote VoIP Call Quality

December 7, 2004


The combination of embedded voice processing and real-time performance management technologies will result in better-than-PSTN VoIP call quality.

Global IP Sound, Inc and Telchemy, Inc today announced a strategic alliance to jointly develop and market speech processing and performance management solutions for VoIP equipment and service providers. The partnership also ensures interoperability and ease of integration between product lines.

Global IP Sound’s core strength lies in the ability of its embedded software platform to enable VoIP services to withstand up to 30% packet loss and yet maintain telephony-grade voice quality or better.

Telchemy’s strength is in non-intrusively analyzing and measuring voice quality based on the effects of time-varying IP impairments, and the perceptual effects of time-varying call quality.

The combination of these technologies will enable Telchemy’s measurements to feed back into and enhance Global IP Sound’s processing to more consistently produce better-than-PSTN call quality for customers, according to the companies.

Their first joint product will be an integration of Telchemy’s VQmon/End Point technology with GIPS’ Embedded VoiceEngine software platform, designed for IP phone and gateway vendors. This will give both VoIP and emerging real-time multimedia customers a complete synergistic solution for voice processing and call quality.

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