Champion Selects Level 3’s (3)-VoIP Enhanced for its GOLD Service

December 7, 2004


Level 3’s (3)VoIP Enhanced Local Service will support Champion’s GOLD Phone Service being sold nationwide through independent marketing representatives.

Champion Communications, an aggressive new entrant in the nationwide VoIP reseller market, has selected Level 3 Communications, Inc‘s (Nasdaq:LVLT) (3)VoIP Enhanced Local wholesale VoIP service to support its recently announced Champion GOLD residential local and long distance phone service.

Champion is headquartered in Greenville. SC, and sells nationwide through independent marketing representatives. It has also contracted with Level 3 for its (3)VoIP Local Inbound, and its (3)Voice Termination services for Champion GOLD.

Level 3’s VoIP services enable Champion to offer hosted VoIP solutions from which consumers can choose virtually ‘plug-and-play’ phone services, according to Champion. It sees Level 3 as the only VoIP nationwide carrier with sufficient capabilities to let Champion “rapidly, aggressively, and cost effectively enter” today’s VoIP market.

Champion is offering full-featured, low cost, high-quality, flat-rate local and long distance service including 911 and E911 to consumers. Users with high-speed Internet access, via cable or DSL, can make and receive calls using existing analog touchtone phones or digital IP phones, and can carry their phone numbers with them anywhere they have high-speed access.

Champion’s objective is to eliminate the need for customers to purchase traditional telephone service.

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