Spirent Introduces PoE Tester for VoIP Reliability

December 6, 2004


Spirent’s Power-over-Ethernet test system enables switch makers to comprehensively test reliability of standby power for VoIP devices.

Spirent Communications, Inc (NYSE:SPM) (LSE:SPT) today announced the Power Sync Analyzer, a platform dedicated to testing Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af compliant devices, which provide standby power over Ethernet networks for IP phones, IP PBXs and other VoIP devices whenever main power outages occur.

Power Sync Analyzer was developed for Spirent by Sifos Technologies Inc. It tests all 21 of the PoE functions specified by the IEEE 802.3af standard, as well as conformance to all four of the different PoE device power classifications. This puts it ahead of other test devices currenly available.

The Power Sync Analyzer is a programmable system for direct measurements of power, current, voltage, rise time, duration, signaling behavior and other physical and signaling protocol-related parameters, and has the ability to test up to 30 watts per port, suitable for maximum stress and load tests for PoE powered devices.

In equipment manufacturing applications, the Power Sync Analyzer may be used to automate product integrity verification with test suites that produce automated, color-graphic, statistical test reports suitable for manufacturing environments.

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