RNK Gets Attention with Free-VoIP-for Life Offer

December 6,  2004


Promise of “No More Phone Bills” with $999 one-time payment and unlimited domestic calling offers resellers a quick way to gain market visibility, company says.

RNKVoIP Broadband, a division of RNK Telecom, announced today its “Phone for Life” program, offering a lifetime of unlimited phone service for a one-time fee of $999, MSRP, through ita authorized resellers Galaxy Internet Services, ProSpeed.Net and VoIP2SAVE.

The service includes a VoIP line, a telephone, a phone number, a full feature set (including caller ID, voicemail notification via email, call forwarding and call return), unlimited free domestic outbound and inbound calling, free calling to 20 foreign countries and 21 additional foreign cities, 911 and 411 services, and porting of existing numbers to its VoIP service.

It comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, and a five-year 50%-money back guarantee. RNK Telecom is a privately-held facilities-based, tariffed telecom carrier established in 1997, that provides wholesale services for broadband providers, carriers and retail distributors.

RNK believes in its longevity, and expects that that resellers will be able to recoup their investments quickly by being able to rapidly build their customer base and gain competitive advantage in a crowded VoIP market, while opening the door to up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

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