Viper to Launch Free VoIP Test Drive on Google

December 1, 2004


Free vPhone Dialer software and free Viper Networks account to be offered in a promotional agreement with Google.

Viper Networks, Inc (OTC:VPER) announced today the launch of a promotion of its VoIP calling service on Google as a way to introduce it to a large worldwide audience base.

The promotion involves a free download of dialer software, plus a service account with Viper, to which users can add funds on a pay-as-you-go basis. The company hopes for follow-on sales after the free service period ends, and sees the promotion also as a way to generate traffic minutes on its network.

Viper has built a worldwide IP-PSTN network designed to support IP calling over both broadband and dialup at substantially discounted prices over conventional long distance. It has been a public company since 2003.

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