Global IP Sound iLBC Codec for VoIP Adopted by Infineon

November 23, 2004


Global IP Sound is delivering its iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) code and algorithm to Infineon Technologies for incorpoation into is MTAs (multimedia terminal adapters) and media gateways, in response to new IETF and CableLabs mandates.

Global IP Sound has created an iLBC to meet a recent IETF standard, also adopted by CableLabs, for a speech coding system with a controlled response to packet loss. This standard is now a required component for all voice-over-cable telephony, and produces a reduced quality degradation from packet loss, and so crisper and more natural sound.

Infineon has licensed the Global IP Sound iLBC codec and will incorporate it in all its fixed point implementations. It is the first chip company to implement what is now the worldwide standard for narrowband speech communication, and believes this will give its customers a big lead in time to market.

The iLBC was recently selected to be the standard for narrowband speech implementations by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). The iLBC was also endorsed by CableLabs, a nonprofit research and development consortium dealing with cable access technologies, as mandatory for all VoIP applications in cable modems.

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