CallWave to Develop New VoIP Applications Based on Level 3 Network Services

November 15, 2004


callwaveThe CallWave softswitch platform will be combined with Level 3 elements to develop VoIP applications for the broadband and mobile-enhancement market categories.

CallWave, Inc (Nasdaq:CALL) today announced it has purchased (3)VoIP Local Inbound service and (3)Voice Termination service from Level 3 Communications, Inc (Nasdaq:LVLT). This will permit its subscribers to use CallWave VoIP applications in conjunction with a local number in any area code they choose.

CallWave develops VoIP software to allow subscribers to get more out of their existing networks — landline, mobile, and IP — by adding software-based call-handling features, and by bridging all three networks.

The addition of Level 3’s transport network elements will enables CallWave to further develop its applications that add features and functionality through IP to the telecom services used in mainstream homes and small offices, the company said.

CallWave, founded in 1998, has long delivered innovative services to users, such as alerting dilaup Web users to inbound voice calls, using IP technology without fanfare or publicity but to great effect.

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