Brix Announces Version 3 of Free VoIP Testing Portal

November 15, 2004


Brix v. 3.0 enables independent measurement and comparisons of the quality of broadband VoIP connections and providers via self-initiated test calls.

Brix Networks, Inc has also included in this release “Golden Phone” test points at which hardware verifiers are configured to answer calls just like a real phone, and measure the quality of the conversation. These test points can be called from any phone, mobile, Wi-Fi, traditional, or VoIP, serving those who do not yet have broadband and existing VoIP users.

Available now at, Version 3.0 of also lets registered users:

— View the detailed network path of test calls and use Brix’ VoIP Traceroute Analysis to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems,

— Observe real-time VoIP quality across the entire network via Brix’ VoIP Weather Report, and

— Save, view, and compare personal test reports over time.

Also as part of Version 3.0, Brix has established a new test point in Sydney, Australia. This latest site joins other established testing locations in Boston, Helsinki, London, Montreal, and San Jose. has had more than four million visitors to this site since its inception earlier this year.

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