Octaisc Introduces Music Protection Echo Cancellation

November 10, 2004


Octasic, Inc introduces an echo cancellation feature for packet networks that protects the quality of background music, while eliminating echoes.

Octasic Inc, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in silicon solutions for VoP (Voice over Packet) communications, has added a new Music-Protection feature to its OCT6100 Series of echo cancellation chipsets.

Traditional echo cancellers do not distinguish between music and generic background noise when processing residual echo. They replace both with white noise while trying to remove the echo, causing the music to become unrecognizable, and often leading callers on hold to think the call has dropped and hang up.

Octasic voice processors are able to recognize that music is on the line and process it accordingly, resulting in a natural-sounding connection while still removing the echo.

Octasic has set up two demonstration phone lines – one with Music Protection enabled on the echo canceller (514-597-2802 or 866-550-5402) and the other without any Music Protection functionality (514-597-0864 or 866-334-5402). (Test calls should be made only on a standard analog or digital phone, and not on a wireless or IP phone.)

The OCT6100 Series of echo cancellation and voice quality enhancement devices feature low power and space requirements and densities ranging from 32 to 672 channels.

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