Redback Wins Phase Two of South Korean Broadband Network Rollout

November 4, 2004


redbackRedback Networks has built upon its successful implementation of Phase One of KT Corporation’s next-generation broadband network by also winning Phase Two.

Redback Networks, Inc announced that its SmartEdge Service Gateway will serve as the primary platform for value-added broadband services and the integration point for WiFi, xDSL, VDSL and Ethernet deployment, as part of Phase Two of KT Corporation’s next-generation broadband network.

KT, formerly Korea Telecom, is the largest provider of ADSL broadband services in the world, and it selected Redback’s SmartEdge Service Gateway platform and NetOp Policy Manager as the primary Phase Two platform and policy intelligence infrastructure. SmartEdge was was the exclusive system for the first phase of deployment at KT, and now it is expected to serve the majority of all deploying provinces.

The second phase was awarded to Redback after extensive testing and detailed technical evaluations against other platforms. KT makes use of Redback’s Dynamic Subscriber Identification technology for seamless identification and authentication of subscribers and broadband-enabled devices, ranging from home PCs to mobile computers, game consoles, set-top boxes and IP telephones, across all modes of access, including KT’s existing ADSL, VDSL, Metro Ethernet and WiFi. Dynamic Subscriber Identification utilizes PPP, DHCP and other means to identify subscribers and devices.

KT also utilizes the Session Level Reliability feature now fully integrated into the SmartEdge Service Gateway platform. Reliability to the session-level, allows KT to offer uninterrupted service for online games, video streams, VoIP and other high-value applications.

Redback’s carrier-class platforms for Consumer IP combine subscriber management systems and edge routing, enabling carriers and service providers to build third-generation broadband networks that can deliver simplified, personalized, portable subscriber services to consumers and businesses.

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