Sonus Demonstrates Govt Emergency Capability on VoIP Platform

November 1, 2004


sonusUses SIP Resource Priority Header to route Government Emergency Telecommunications Service emergency calls.

Sonus Networks (Nasdaq: SONS) is the first softswitch provider to demonstrate Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)capabilities on a VoIP platform at the recent Global Multi-Switching Forum Interoperability event for 2004, GMI 2004.

GETS is an emergency telecommunications service required to be provided by the National Communications System agency of the Department of Homeland Security in order to provide National Security and Emergency Preparedness users with switched voice and voice-band data communications service during periods of emergency or crisis.

To deliver the requisite capability on a VoIP platform, Sonus developed prototype software demonstrating the use of the SIP RPH (Resource Priority Header) to route GETS emergency calls. SIP RPH is one of the key elements for critical government network applications, which require per-call prioritization (precedence) for emergency calls in Homeland Security and military Command and Control applications.

GMI 2004 interoperability testing was conducted October 4-16 at four carrier test labs: Qwest in the United States, BT in the United Kingdom, NTT in Japan and KT in Korea.

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