MediaExtractor helps troubleshoot Voice, Fax & Vid. over IP

October 5, 2004


MediaExtractor© testing software extracts audio, fax and video over IP from network traffic, to improve Quality Assurance, Security and Engineering productivity.

WASHINGTON, D.C. September 29, 2004 — Ecotronics Ventures LLC launched MediaExtractor, a software application that captures network traffic and automatically extracts voice, video and fax communications in real-time. MediaExtractor© software is intended primarily for organizations developing solutions or providing services using Voice, Video or Fax over IP.

“Media-over-IP is a growing technology that requires testing, debugging and measurement applications, said Martin Cadirola, President of Ecotronics.“Through MediaExtractor©, we address problems commonly found in Voice/Fax/Video over IP-based communications systems, enhancing the toolset available to engineers working behind the scenes.

Some of the many applications of MediaExtractor© include Homeland and Enterprise Security systems, Quality Assurance (QA) and Compliance and Interoperability applications. The tool extracts codecs frequently used in IP telecommunications networks: Voice: G.711 (A and mu-law), G.723, G.729, GSM 6.10; Video: H.261, H.263; Fax: T.38.

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