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Avonline picks Encore For Satellite VPN Solutions

August 16, 2004


Avonline PLC Selects Encore Networks To Deliver End-To-End Satellite Broadband VPN Solutions Throughout The United Kingdom And Continental Europe Avonline PLC To Offer Encore’s VSR-30™ and the BANDIT™ Line Of Security Products With Enhanced VPN Capabilities For Satellite Networks

Dulles, VA August 10, 2004 – Encore Networks, a leading developer of secure converged broadband solutions over satellite, terrestrial, and hybrid IP networks, today announced that Avonline PLC, one of the United Kingdoms leading network, telecommunications and installation companies, has selected Encore’s complete line of BANDIT™ security appliances and the VSR-30™ Virtual Private Network (VPN) router for their enterprise satellite network solutions. Avonline will sell, install and service Encore’s product line to provide end-to-end, broadband IP VPN solutions across both satellite and terrestrial networks.

Avonline PLC delivers complete, end-to-end, turnkey networks with a focus on satellite and wireless broadband solutions, connecting more than 350 businesses including Gwent NHS (outdoor wireless LAN), London Stock Exchange (VPN satellite), Sony Europe (VPN satellite), Merrill Lynch (VPN satellite) and Toshiba (indoor wireless LAN and satellite). Strategically located throughout the UK and Continental Europe, Avonline directly employs an impressive range of skills through a 650 strong team.

“For more than 22 years Avonline has built a solid reputation for providing innovative converged satellite VPN services for remote to corporate office connectivity for applications like HTTP, File transfer, email and dBase integration,”said Simon Reeves, Encore Networks Director of European Sales. “Customers like BT, Telewest, ntl, BSkyB, Fujitsu, Easynet and Marconi trust Avonline with their most valuable commercial assets their network infrastructure, their equipment and their end customers.”

Encore’s VSR-30ä is a purpose-built VPN router that works across multi-vendor satellite networks and solves the issues of performance degradation associated with running IPsec over satellite networks. The BANDIT™ enables satellite users, requiring secure access, to realize the full potential of their limited satellite bandwidth without the performance degradation associated with other off-the-shelf IPsec VPN products. Through the use of Selective Layer Encryption (SLE), Encore Networks can provide channel efficient VPN solutions across Performance Enhancement

“Encore’s VPN technology is compatible with all currently deployed standards based IPsec VPN devices using the Avonline Sat 500 to Sat 1000 Pro Gilat 360e satellite modems,” stated Tony Waters, Avonline Head of Telecoms. “Encore also provides converged solutions for legacy data applications, allowing customers to secure and link non-IP based terminals, legacy networks and devices to secure broadband IP satellite networks.”

PIKA Tech. launches Custom Engineering Services

August 16, 2004


PIKA Technologies’ customers can now decrease the complexity of their development project or accelerate a port-to-PIKA by placing design projects in the capable hands of PIKA Custom Engineering Services

Ottawa, Canada – August 8, 2004 – For almost two decades PIKA Technologies has been an ever-present force delivering innovative voice/fax/VoIP boards and software to the computer telephony developer community. The company is pleased to announce today a new service offering, PIKA Custom Engineering Services. Holding an unparalleled understanding of their development tools, along with their years of design experience, PIKA Technologies is a uniquely qualified partner to deliver custom designed features, applications and port-to-PIKA services.

From day one PIKA Technologies’ in-house engineers have fostered a customer-first philosophy. The team’s technical assistance to customers has helped to launch “PIKA Powered” solutions into the market more quickly. As well, customers who have taken advantage of the engineers’ port-to-PIKA expertise have benefited from shortened development cycles. The company’s engineers are uniquely qualified to deliver these services because they have day-to-day experience designing new features and DSP applications for the PIKA MonteCarlo Software Developer Kit (SDK). Customers can decrease the complexity of their development project by placing their custom engineering needs in the capable hands of PIKA Custom Engineering.

“At GlobeStar Systems we design state-of-the-art monitoring and wireless communications for the healthcare industry. We needed a specific feature for our solution—dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) clamping. After researching and discussing this feature unsuccessfully with a couple of other board vendors, we came to PIKA Technologies,” explained Jason Wilson, Vice President Research & Development, GlobeStar Systems. “The DTMF clamping feature did not come standard in the PIKA SDK either, however, they listened to our needs and proposed that their in-house engineers custom design the feature for us. The engineering work and testing was done quickly and professionally. Our solution, GlobeStar ConnexALL, is now being deployed in a number of hospital campuses.”

“We have had great success custom engineering particular features for customers and fast-tracking ports-to-PIKA. Although the service is one that our sales people will offer during a needs analysis, it is a value-added service we just recently considered taking to the next level and promoting,” explained Terry Atwood, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Care, PIKA Technologies. “Over the past year we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers who prefer to contract a specific custom design project to us.”

Developers can augment their own design team’s skills or contract PIKA Custom Engineering for an entire project. Services available include:
• Project assessment including schedule and fees (if applicable)
• Architecture design specification
• Project management
• Development
• Integration
• Testing
• Documentation
• Custom training
• Ongoing support

Over the years PIKA Technologies has built a strong, global network of partners that are experts in specific areas of development and integration. If there is something specific customers are looking for, the company can also suggest an appropriate partner from their ever-growing partner network.161

Centrepoint Tech. launches VoIP system for S.Bs

August 16, 2004


Centrepoint Technologies launches new telephone system with hybrid capability for VoIP and PSTN calling Revolutionary TalkSwitch 48-CVA provides branch offices with unique solution at breakthrough prices

OTTAWA, ON – August 14, 2004 – Centrepoint Technologies, designer and manufacturer of innovative telephone systems for small business, today officially released the TalkSwitch 48-CVA, a revolutionary hybrid telephone system that offers combined access to the traditional, publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) and voice over IP (VoIP).

With the TalkSwitch 48-CVA, businesses can maintain their connections to the PSTN for local calling and switch to built-in VoIP connections for long distance and inter-branch calling. Multi-location businesses can significantly reduce long distance charges, as well as improve productivity across all locations. The system, designed for businesses with 1 to 32 users per location, includes features such as 3-digit dialing between branches, seamless call transfer between locations, and easy access to IP network services such as Internet calling. All calls, whether PSTN or VoIP, can be made using any standard analog phone.

“Demand for VoIP has been rising dramatically in the small business market,”said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, Centrepoint Technologies. “It’s a big market, with over 6 million businesses in North America, but until now there hasn’t been a phone system that adequately addressed it. To capture small business, you need prices that even the smallest businesses can afford. You need a system that’s easily installed and configured by the users themselves. You need a mix of PSTN and VoIP connections in one system. TalkSwitch 48-CVA fits those needs.”

The TalkSwitch 48-CVA joins the proven TalkSwitch family of highly professional, feature-rich, telephone systems priced for small business. TalkSwitch systems have been sold to thousands of businesses in North America, and the TalkSwitch 48-CVA is the first full-featured hybrid PSTN/VoIP system targeted to businesses of this size.

Existing customers, or customers who opt to purchase a system without VoIP, can upgrade any time. As with all TalkSwitch phone systems, the customer-installable 48-CVA is an all-in-one system that comes with auto attendants, voicemail, call management and a host of other features. The TalkSwitch 48-CVA also includes Centrepoint’s innovative remote extension capabilities. Combined with its VoIP/PSTN access, the system allows cell phone users to make VoIP calls, saving on long distance charges.

Each TalkSwitch 48-CVA unit accommodates up to four CO lines and four VoIP trunks, eight local extensions and eight remote extensions. Up to four units can be networked to make a system with 16 CO lines, 16 VoIP trunks, 32 local extensions and 32 remote extensions per location. The system includes free software updates. The TalkSwitch 48-CVA is compliant with SIP standards. SIP is the standard that ensures ongoing interoperability with other VoIP products and services.

Responding to the increase in broadband penetration and VoIP demand, the SIP-based TalkSwitch 48-CVA will supply Centrepoint’s channels with a new tool to appeal to the hard-to-reach small business market.

“Service providers and resellers need a single system, with both PSTN and VoIP connections, that allows them to capture the small office, branch and home-based business markets,” said Scheeren. “The TalkSwitch 48-CVA gives them that system. It is a fresh solution tailored to the unique needs of the small business, and allows them to approach their customers in creative and flexible ways.”

Level 3 Enabling Skype Thru New VoIP S.A.

August 16, 2004


Global Internet Telephony Company Using Level 3 Network To Support New “SkypeOut” Offering

LONDON, July 23, 2004 – Level 3 Communications, Inc. today announced that it has signed an agreement to supply wholesale Voice-over-IP services to Skype, the global Internet telephony company.

Under the terms of the agreement, Skype will use Level 3’s IP-based voice termination service to support its new consumer offering, SkypeOut. The service enables Skype users to make Voice-over-IP calls from their personal computers to any phone anywhere in the world.

“Skype has enjoyed tremendous success in bringing the benefits of Internet calling to consumers all over the globe,” said Niklas Zennström, Skype’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “With SkypeOut, we are expanding our service significantly. Our subscribers will now be able to make IP-based voice calls outside the peer-to-peer environment to friends and family who use standard wireline or cell phones, all at highly competitive rates.”

“We selected Level 3 as a termination partner because of the quality and reliability of their network and because of Level 3’s industry-leading experience as a provider of wholesale VoIP services. In particular, Level 3’s softswitch platform provided us with a simple, seamless interface between Skype’s IP-based calling environment and the public switched telephone network. We look forward to working with Level 3 to further enhance the value of Skype services for our existing and prospective customers.”

“More than 7 million people in over 170 countries have joined Skype since the company launched its Internet telephony software last year, and the company averages close to 400,000 active users at any point in time,” said Sureel Choksi, president of softswitch services for Level 3. “By any measure, that is a significant accomplishment, and a testament to the quality of Skype’s offering and the inherent advantages of Voice over IP.”

“We’re extremely pleased that Skype has chosen Level 3 as a primary provider of voice termination services,” said Brady Rafuse, president of Level 3’s European operations. “We believe we deliver superior value and experience to our termination customers, and we look forward to supporting Skype on this important initiative.”