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Popular Telephony Launches Peerio 444

May 26, 2004


Company will be the first to integrate true peer-to-peer technology in a free Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) product for consumers; expects to introduce competitively priced peer-to-peer telephony product for the enterprise based on this technology later this year.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 26, 2004 Popular Telephony Inc., a telecommunications middleware company, today announced Peerio444(TM) — the first Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application powered by true serverless peer-to-peer technology. Peerio444 marks the company’s introduction of a consumer application for serverless peer-to-peer telephony, with plans to introduce a separate enterprise application based on this technology at SuperComm 2004, Chicago, IL, June 22-24, 2004. Expected to completely transform traditional telecommunication infrastructures by eliminating the need for servers and associated hardware, the patent-pending technology behind both applications will also address previous scalability, security, redundancy and system issues inherent in a peer-to-peer network.

Currently in beta testing on a limited basis and expected to be generally available via free download at in the coming weeks, Peerio444 turns a PC into a fully functioning telephone that allows users to make unlimited, free calls via the Internet to other PCs, as well as low-cost PC-to-phone calls. Inspired by the principles of peer-to-peer computing, the forthcoming enterprise application will enable companies to create and deploy a wide-scale serverless IP telephony network. Popular Telephony’s groundbreaking technology will enable application developers to create VoIP-enabled applications to bring peer-to-peer telephony to a wide audience.

“We anticipate that within ten years there will only be peer-to-peer calls placed over the telephony network, making it the de-facto standard for next generation telecommunications,” said Dmitry Goroshevsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Popular Telephony Inc. “Built on open standards and inspired by the principles of true peer-to-peer computing, we expect the enabling technology behind Peerio444 to become a basic platform for peer-to-peer telecommunications. Peerio444 will be forever free to consumers and is phase one of Popular Telephony’s plan to become the leader in peer-to-peer telephony.”

Calls placed using Peerio444 technology will be connected to any PC or telephone number — including mobile phones, 800 and international numbers — via a built-in telephony interface. The technology is currently compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, with plans to add Macintosh compatibility later this year, and provides users with more free features than a traditional landline phone, including voicemail, call waiting, call hold, call transfer, contact management and filters. Unlike existing peer-to-peer VoIP technology, Peerio444 is not monitored by switchboards or Spyware, does not contain Adware or other backdoor profit tools and does not restrict users to call only other standard VoIP applications.

Compatible with industry standards for VoIP, including H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Peerio444 is relevant to both consumers and application developers:

— For consumers, the technology can be applied as ready-to-use, downloadable, standards-based, feature-rich client software for peer-to-peer communication.

— For developers, the open source application and the proprietary Peerio444 core library will enable them to create an enhanced peer-to-peer application for voice communications. The highly portable core library will be supported by a dedicated team at Popular Telephony, ensuring a high level of technical support, product updates, roadmaps and documentation.

“With VoIP services gaining significant momentum in today’s markets, evidenced by the number of legacy telecommunications firms that have recently launched VoIP divisions, Popular Telephony is helping to bring a cutting-edge technology to a wider audience,” said Stanley Blau, Managing Director of PS Capital, a member of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and Vice Chair of the Enterprise Communications Association ( Blau, who is also a member of Popular Telephony’s advisory board, added, “This move, coupled with additional growth plans in 2004, strongly positions Popular Telephony as a leader in the peer-to-peer telephony market.”

Ingate Enters NYC , South Florida and Canadian Markets

May 25, 2004


Distributor Partnerships with UDT Protia and CentralTouch Expand North American Sales Reach, Increase Visibility in Latin America

HOLLIS, NH, May 24, 2004 – Ingate® Systems, which produces and sells the world’s only fully Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-capable enterprise firewalls, is expanding its sales reach with new distribution partnerships with UDT Protia and CentralTouch Technology. The partnerships strengthen Ingate’s foothold in North America by bringing the company’s SIP-enabling security products directly to customers in the NYC metro, south Florida and Canadian markets, as well as in Latin America.

The exclusive distributor of Ingate Firewall® and Ingate SIParator® products in Canada, CentralTouch is a recognized VoIP and SIP-based realtime technology leader. UDT Protia serves the South Florida and New York City metropolitan markets, and has built a presence in South America within the last 10 years.

A world leader in next-generation firewall technology, Ingate produces and sells the world’s first SIP-capable enterprise firewalls and the SIParator, a device that works in conjunction with an existing network firewall to seamlessly enable the traversal of SIP communications.

“CentralTouch and UDT Protia are tremendous leaders in their respective markets. Ingate is honored to be working with them, as they represent significant sales opportunities for us in North America and Latin America,” said Olle Westerberg, Chief Executive Officer, Ingate Systems.

“Interoperability is a critical issue for our customers,” said Hassan Firouzbakht, President and CTO, CentralTouch Technology. “Together, Ingate and CentralTouch offer Canadian enterprises a world-class end-to-end solution that delivers secure VoIP to any network, of any size.”

“Businesses in North America and Latin America are hungry for products that solve interoperability and NAT traversal issues, maintain network security and help them preserve existing IT investments. Together, Ingate and UDT Protia offer these businesses an elegant solution,” said Walter Cannon, Business Development Manager of UDT Protia.

MeetingServer is key to BBCOM’s conferencing service

May 20, 2004


BBCOM and Data Connection today announced that BBCOM will soon deploy Data Connection’s MeetingServer web conferencing solution.

London, UK: May 20, 2004. BBCOM and Data Connection today announced that BBCOM will soon deploy Data Connection’s Meeting Server web conferencing solution. BBCOM will integrate MeetingServer with its low-cost audio conferencing to provide a BBCOM-branded service, as well as private-label conferencing for its wholesale and enterprise customer channels. This illustrates a new trend amongst innovative network service providers like BBCOM, to use value-add applications on top of their traditional portfolio to generate revenue opportunities for themselves, and provide powerful new features for their customers.

“BBCOM has its roots in supplying bandwidth and telephony services, but it has recognized a substantial business opportunity in offering applications like integrated audio and web conferencing on top of its existing network infrastructure,”explained Phil McConnell, CEO of Data Connection. “As a low cost facilities-based provider, BBCOM is in a good position to take advantage of the increasing demand for best-of-breed conferencing services at truly competitive prices.”

BBCOM was careful to pick a solution that will expand with their conferencing business. “We spent six months closely evaluating and testing products from a list of prestigious domestic and international vendors,” said Larry Anthony, Senior Vice President of Business Development. “We need a robust web conferencing solution capable of supporting millions of monthly end-user minutes. We found the ideal offering with Data Connection’s product.”

The flexibility of the solution was also an important factor in choosing a supplier. The MeetingServer interface is easily customizable for rebranding. “In MeetingServer, we have a fully-featured conferencing service that can be tailored to fit a wide range of specific requirements,” said Anthony. “We’ll use it for BBCOM’s Total Collaborationsm branded service, as well as a private-label conference product offering for our large corporate customers. MeetingServer gives us the features and adaptability we need in the competitive field of web conferencing services.”

Atreus Systems Signs OEM Telcordia to Deliver VoIP

May 20, 2004


Telcordia® Technologies, Inc., a global provider of telecommunications software and services, today announced a strategic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership agreement with Atreus Systems™, a provider of software solutions for the rapid creation and delivery of IP (Internet Protocol) services. Under the agreement, Telcordia will market and sell the Atreus xAuthority™ Service Fulfillment solution for Voice Over IP (VoIP) and other advanced services like IP Centrex and Messaging, as part of its Telcordia Elementive™ Portfolio.

Ottawa, Ontario, May 17, 2004 – Telcordia® Technologies, Inc., a global provider of telecommunications software and services, today announced a strategic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership agreement with Atreus Systems™, a provider of software solutions for the rapid creation and delivery of IP (Internet Protocol) services. Under the agreement, Telcordia will market and sell the Atreus xAuthority™ Service Fulfillment solution for Voice Over IP (VoIP) and other advanced services like IP Centrex and Messaging, as part of its Telcordia Elementive™ Portfolio.

“As service providers zero in on higher-margin, value-added services, the complexity of the operational challenges behind these initiatives grows,” explains Larry Goldman, Partner, OSS Observer. “The solution from Telcordia and Atreus will help streamline and automate the creation and provisioning of VoIP and other advanced data and application services in order to support the initiatives of service providers to capture new revenue streams and reduce churn.”

The ability to rapidly deliver advanced, IP-based service bundles requires managing complex processes and devices throughout the network. The partnership combines Telcordia’s ability to enable flow-through activation and provisioning of leading softswitch, application server and media gateway vendors with Atreus’s service fulfillment solution to support development and delivery of advanced VoIP services. Through self-service web portals, the partnership offers VoIP ordering, fulfillment and group management functions to dramatically reduce operating expenses and improve customer satisfaction. Service providers will also maximize the revenue potential of VoIP with the ability to easily create differentiated packages to target specific business customer needs.

“Our agreement with Atreus compliments our Elementive strategy to streamline the creation, provisioning and management of next-generation network applications and services to deliver cost-effective, end-to-end revenue-generating solutions for service providers,” said Chris Drake, Group Senior Vice President, New Generation Systems, Telcordia Technologies. “Our open, configurable Elementive Portfolio, combined with Atreus’ expertise in automated service definition and fulfillment, delivers the market’s only operations solution for flexible and user customizable service introduction, fulfillment and assurance for VoIP and other advanced services.”

“Atreus is pleased to announce an OEM agreement with Telcordia as it furthers our ability to provide our joint customers with cost-effective solutions for advanced services like IP Centrex,” said Len Castelli, Vice President of Business Development & Product Management at Atreus Systems. “As profits from traditional services continue to decline, Telcordia Elementive Portfolio gives providers a low-risk, adaptable solution that fulfills their customer’s VoIP needs today, while supporting their future requirements for converged voice, video and data.”

Eicon Networks Joins Nuance Partner Program

May 20, 2004


Eicon Networks Corporation announced today that it has joined the Nuance Partner Alliance Program as a Technology Partner.

London – May 19, 2004 — Eicon Networks Corporation, a global provider of communication products for networked business applications, announced today that it has joined the Nuance Partner Alliance Program as a Technology Partner. Nuance’s (NASDAQ: NUAN) partner program includes a global network of interactive voice response (IVR) platform providers, systems integrators, telephony hardware companies and voice application service providers that deliver world-class speech solutions covering a broad range of applications and industries.

As a Nuance technology partner, Eicon designs and markets the Diva™ Server V-Series line of products to the communications industry through its distributors and resellers. The powerful hardware architecture and rich media processing features of the Diva Server V-Series boards allow companies to develop and deploy voice, speech and conferencing applications which deliver enhanced performance, greater accuracy and reduced costs.

“Working with leading technology providers such as Eicon is key to our ability to deliver world-class speech solutions to a broad range of industries,” said Kevin Kew, vice president, business development for Nuance. “We welcome Eicon to our Partner Alliance Program. Through our cooperative efforts, we will enable the adoption of voice technologies in the business marketplace.”

“We are excited to partner with a leading voice solutions provider such as Nuance,said Kip Heuertz, Vice President of Product Marketing for Eicon. “Through our partnership, we will continue to expand our focus on providing high quality voice communication solutions which have a reputation of being easier to support by corporations, integrators and resellers.”

Gradwell dot com Ltd. launches VoIP Centrex

May 20, 2004


Technology and Internet product and services provider Gradwell dot com Ltd. launches VoIP Centrex service with free trial

20 May 2004, London, UK – Technology and Internet product and services provider, Gradwell dot com Ltd. launch their VoIP service with free trial through (

The trial has been devised to allow users to test this new technology, before committing to the service and is intended to remove some of the mystery and scepticism surrounding Internet-based telephony.

VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony is a way of sending voice calls over the Internet using either software or a hardware telephone, which is currently experiencing rapid growth amongst SME and corporate sectors., a joint venture between Gradwell dot com Ltd. and Call UK, covers the hardware, the software, the service providers and the jargon from the point of view of the UK small business and/or the end user.

The free trial service, which is available at gives the user 50p of credit (for calling public telephones) and a free public network number (0870 930 NNNN), which is valid forever, providing it is used once every three months. Everyone can use it (one trial per customer); providing they have broadband. The free trial will allow users to (a) experiment with voice on the Internet for free, and (b), “self prove” that it works for those individuals that are not convinced.

Peter Gradwell, Managing Director at Gradwell dot com explains, “VoIP is beneficial because you can get your phone, plug into your broadband line and make and receive high quality calls. Calls to other VoIP users are free and PSTN (public telephone network) calls are competitively priced – UK 2.5ppm Mobiles 16ppm. It also provides a range of features, such as call transfers, conferencing and voicemail etc., “out of the box” and “for free””.

The full-blown service is a virtual office PBX (telephone exchange) with a Web control panel, and is fully integrated with the public network (PSTN). Customers receive a recognisable ‘real world’ phone number and can make and receive calls with standard telephone users in addition to those also using VoIP. Where other services, such as Skype, are closed user systems, is a full second line service.

Gradwell explains how this innovative technology works within their own organisation, “We are a virtual company that exists as proof of the model. For example, I am in Bath, my colleagues Richard and Ben are in Tunbridge Wells and Leeds respectively. When a customer rings the main contact number, each phone rings at the same time and whoever gets there first picks up.

If we need to transfer a call, have a quick conference etc., we just push a button on the phone and off we go. It saves a fortune in divert costs and means that we don’t have people waiting for ages whilst we hunt around the country. It also means we can use “proper” phone numbers and don’t have to hide behind a 0870 number. We support a range of geographic numbers with more coming in June 2004”, Gradwell concludes.

Xalyo Announces XS1000 handling both ATM and IP

May 5, 2004


Xalyo Systems announces the XS1000, a highly integrated ATM and IP PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC)the perfect interface to handle both ATM and IP simultaneously.

Geneva, Switzerland, May 4, 2004 – Xalyo Systems today announced XS1000, a highly integrated ATM and IP PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC) based on Wintegra’s WinPath 787 Network Processor.

Featuring one OC-3/STM-1 and one 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, XS1000 is the perfect interface to handle both ATM and IP simultaneously. XS1000 provides exceptional media flexibility with the use of SFP transceivers and auto-sensing optical or electrical Ethernet interfaces.

Supporting ATM and IP bridging, routing, switching and termination, XS1000 is ideally suited for applications such as Wireless Infrastructure, Broadband networks, Video Streaming and Telecom Test Equipment.

XS1000 is a complete hardware/software solution for ATM to Ethernet Bridging.

“XS1000 sets a new mark in terms of connectivity, features and performance” said Andre Wiesel, Xalyo Systems’ President. “Wintegra’s extensive Data Path and Control Path Software dramatically reduce time to market and cost for our customers’ new developments.”

Leading telecom equipment vendors have already expressed interest in Xalyo’s advanced technology. “We are among the first to use Xalyo’s technology. Its high level of integration and impressive feature set were key factors in our decision to use this technology” said Eli Lotan, Teledata Networks’ CTO ( “Xalyo Systems’ comprehensive support helped us to achieve better performance in record time”.

Software support is provided for Linux Montavista 3.0 and VxWorks 5.5.

Compliant with IEEE 1386.1 PCI Mezzanine card (PMC) and PICMG 2.15 PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC), XS-1000 can be used in cPCI, cPSB, AdvancedTCA, VME, PC, and proprietary applications.

XS1000 is available immediately.

Prominence Announces New Management Solution

May 5, 2004


Prominence Networks announces new configuration and management solution for IP telephony and videoconferencing over diffServ networks. MediaIP Release 3.0 incorporates diffServ capability, redundant configuration & support for distributed, multi-site VoIP deployments.

Holmdel, New Jersey, May 4, 2004 – Enhancing and extending the configuration and management of Differentiated Class of Service (DiffServ) networks, Prominence Networks, Inc. today announced MediaIP Release 3.0, the latest version of its MediaIP service control and management solution for IP telephony and videoconferencing. In addition, MediaIP Release 3.0’s advanced redundancy and clustering features support large, distributed, multi-site IP Telephony deployments requiring increased reliability and availability.

Many enterprises have adopted the DiffServ quality of service (QoS) model to transport real-time traffic such as voice and videoconferencing over their converged IP networks. MediaIP Release 3.0 extends DiffServ’s packet marking, classification and policing mechanisms with:

– End-to-end network intelligence to ensure bandwidth is available end-to-end for high quality IP voice and video calls.

– Network wide call admissions control to admit calls only if sufficient bandwidth is available throughout the network.

– Simplified DiffServ configuration and management through automation and dynamic bandwidth management.

Availability and Reliability for Enterprise Deployments

In addition, as enterprises deploy IP telephony across their multi-site footprints, they require high availability and reliability. MediaIP Release 3.0 meets these needs through a new active/standby cluster configuration with 1+1 physical redundancy to provide higher levels of availability. Moreover, MediaIP Release 3.0 has been engineered to support multiple gateways, gatekeeper zones and IP PBX clustering to meet the needs of large enterprise deployments that feature distributed architectures for redundancy, scalability and resiliency.

“Configuring, managing and maintaining real-time applications such as VoIP and IP videoconferencing with DiffServ can be a challenge as the network evolves and traffic patterns change,” notes Sid Nag, Prominence Networks Founder and CEO.

“MediaIP Release 3.0’s automated configuration and management simplifies the configuration process, and its dynamic bandwidth management adapts to real-time traffic changes automatically. MediaIP’s end-to-end network view enhances DiffServ’s capabilities to support network wide call admissions control; calls are only admitted if there is sufficient bandwidth at every hop.”

Key Features/Capabilities of MediaIP Release 3.0:

Differentiated Class of Service Support

– End-to-end network view supporting dynamic bandwidth management

– Enhanced, network-wide call admissions control

– Automated configuration and management of router queues and policies

Redundant Configuration for Enhanced Availability and Reliability

– Active/Standby cluster configuration with 1+1 physical redundancy

– Cluster configuration for the MediaIP Controller and Director

– Database replication and backup; automatic failover

– Support for Distributed, Multi-Site IP Telephony Deployments

– Support for redundant IP PBX configurations

– Multiple gatekeeper zones support

– Multiple gateway support

Pricing and Availability

Prominence Networks Release 3.0 products are available immediately. The Prominence MediaIP Service Control Solution is flexibly priced to accommodate small branch offices to Fortune 50 corporate headquarters. Prominence’s MediaIP Service Controller is available in appliance and 1U server models and is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls supported. The standard, rack mountable MediaIP Director is licensed by the number of sites managed.